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Cooking classes for children and adults

Our leading-edge cooking school, located in the Ottawa area, provides a relaxing and friendly environment where you will learn everything you need to know about food. Join us to learn new recipes. 


Cooking classes for the fun of learning


Summer freshness with international delights

Summer freshness with international delights
Wednesday 1 June
from 6 pm to 9 pm


Summer Freshness with International Delights

Let's celebrate our Summer night at Gourmet Academy and explore the fresh, vibrant colours, healthy and tasty of international delight cooking with Chef Thuy.   

Get on board arrive in Japan, try golden, tasty, glazed teriyaki tofu.  Hop again stop in Vietnam, Chef Thuy loves to share this rainbow banana blossom salad with you, so beautiful and packed with flavour.  This fresh made salad perfect to go with meat, seafood and tofu.  Roll up your sleeves make your own tofu/beef spring rolls with Chef Thuy homemade Thai peanut sauce.  Are you still hungry? Hop on again, arriving in Korean, let makes a large bowl of warm Korean beef Japchae (sweet potato noodle stir fried with beef and vegetables).  This stir -fry is perfect to serve hot or cold, great idea for potluck gathering that all will love.   Must try!  Korean candy sweet potato, great for banchan (side dish), prefect snack. For today with a touch of Chef Thuy we going to make this as healthy dessert.   


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Flavor of Korean and Vietnamese dishes

Flavor of Korean and Vietnamese dishes
Wednesday 13 April
from 6 pm to 8 pm


Spring is here, Chef Thuy Nguyen is inviting her fans to come to Gourmet academy to explore a healthy, fresh and delicious surprise for your taste buds with the flavor of Korean and Vietnamese dishes for the class tonight.  Roll up your sleeves we are going to make homemade kimchi. Fermented kimchi is high in probiotics. We will use this freshly make kimchi to serve with Korean wraps; Ssamjang sauce (Korean B.B.Q dipping sauce) to go along with Korean Ssam (Korean wraps).  

Let’s make 2 different platters of Korean Ssam. The first one is B.B.Q pork with rice balls, served alongside greens and herbs, the second one is beef with white daikon.  

Still hungry after your Ssam?  Let’s make Vietnamese bun cha (grilled B.B.Q pork patty) served alongside noodles, herbs, greens, homemade sweet and sour carrot, daikon and nuoc cham. End the night off with a Vietnamese heart shaped dessert: sweet potatoe and mung bean cake.